Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selenium Module #2

 Installing Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is installed as a Firefox add on.

For downloading selenium IDE, go to the selenium official website :  " ". You can also visit this website by writing "download selenium" in and clicking on the first link that appears.

Under the section: Selenium IDE, there will be download link for the latest selenium IDE version, currently it is displaying something like that "Download version 1.8.1 released on 01/June/2012..."
Click on this link, and selenium IDE will start downloading.
After that a pop up will appear. Click on Install now.
Restart the firefox by clicking on restart now. After restarting Selenium IDE will get installed in Firefox.

To check the presence of Selenium IDE add on, go to Tools and you will see the  " Selenium IDE " option. On clicking you will see the Selenium IDE user interface.

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