Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Selenium Module #1

Nowadays, test automation has become a frequent  requirement of the projects. 
Software test automation means using a software tool against the application to be tested to run unlimited repeatable tests to make the test execution faster and efficient. It also helps in providing rapid feedback to developers. There are many tools available for automation. Selenium is the most widely used open source automation tool.

Selenium is an automation tool for browsers.
It automates web and mobile applications. 

History of selenium:
 Selenium came into picture in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago when Jason Huggins build the Core mode as "JavaScriptTestRunner" for the testing of an internal application. Soon after that he developed a javascript library which came out as Selenium Core for selenium RC and Selenium IDE. Driven mode of Selenium allows you to control browser from the language of your choice irrespective of the application's language. 

The key feature of selenium is that it supports multiple browsers:
1. Firefox.
2. Chrome.
3. Internet Explorer.
4. Opera

Different languages supported by Selenium are:
1. Java
2. C#
3. Ruby
4. Python
5. PHP
6. Pearl

7. Selenese (Pure HTML)

Operating Systems supported by Selenium:
2. Mac
3. Unix 

Different Projects of Selenium that make it versatile testing system:
1. Selenium IDE- Firefox add on for record and play.
2. Selenium RC - Rc stands for Remote Control. It is a client server system for controlling different browsers using any programming language or testing framework.
3.  Selenium Web driver- Improved (latest) version of Selenium RC which supports automation of mobile apps as well.
4. Selenium Grid- Another level of RC for running tests on many servers at the same time.

Advantages of Selenium:
1. Open source.
2. Independent of the language of the application.
3. Simple tool as an add on in Firefox (selenium IDE).
4. Automates Android and iOS apps (Selenium webdriver).
5. Supports multiple browsers and multiple O.S.


  1. very good Neha Jain..you really provided very informative information for pplz who are eager to learn Selenium ...

  2. Hi Neha, Can you provide information on automation of mobile applications(Android) using Selenium?
    And if this is possible then how can this be done?