Friday, July 20, 2012

Selenium Module #5

User Extensions

 Selenium IDE does not have all the commands. If you go to command textbox in Selenium IDE and write "while" in it, it won't show predictions for this command. Also it will not execute as while loops are not present in it. However, since selenium core is in javascript so we can add javascript extensions to it so that we can include these commands in Selenium IDE.

For installing user extensions, just follow the below steps:
1. Go to
2. Type selenium documentation in search box and click on the first link.
3. On selenium documentation page, click on "Sequence of evaluation and flow control" link . In the description of this link,click on  " goto_sel_ide.js extension" link. Then click on "page" link. One blog will get open. Scroll down and click on " " link and then download the zip file.
4. After extracting that file, you will get one .js file. Ggo to  Selenium-IDE’s Options=>Options=>General tab. Browse for that file and press ok.
5. Now close Selenium IDE and restart it.

For checking whether its added or not, type while in command box and see it will start displaying commands.

Thats it!!
Your user extension is added now.. :-)

To be continued..

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